Hey, guys! My name is Jessica, but you can just call me Jess. I'm a simple gal living life in the sunshine state with my manly man husband, G. Cat-mama to a lovable and vivacious little fella named Sammie. I'm a firm believer of Jesus + the gospel. Old soul, young heart. Tough, but rather fragile at times. I'm definitely an optimist, but I don't ignore reality either. I live with a deeply-rooted sense of passion and wonder (hence the blog name). I'm striving to cultivate grit, grace and genuineness no matter what this life throws at me. I have a knack for digital design and I'm currently pursuing an A.S. degree in digital media. Coffee has always been my drug of choice, writing keeps me sane, and I use acoustic + instrumental music as a form of therapy. I consider myself an introvert, therefore I require an even balance of social time and time to myself in order to thrive well. I've never really been a girly girl, but I'm not a tomboy either. I'm simply stuck in the middle and I like it here. I love encouraging others when an opportunity arises.

― some of my absolute favorites ―

art, graphic design, butterscotch lattes, science fiction, sunny days spent outdoors, writing, dystopian literature, homemade iced coffee, the mountains, springtime, the 1980s, psychology, exploring, Mexican food, road trips, the seaside, photography, Star Wars, bright colors, instrumental music + minimalism.

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